This week we continue to work with the energies of Shiva for the month of January!

Shiva represents the balance between light and dark because he is benevolent and at the same time, leader of dark spirits as well as phantoms. So this week we are going to do a practice to work these two energies in balance by practicing the dynamic moon salutation.

Join Us!

Monday- Hatha Yoga 11h – 12h30 salle des fêtes, Chabanais
Tuesday- Hatha Yoga 19h – 20h30 salle des fêtes, Chabanais
Wednesday- Yin Yoga 11h – 12h30 salle des fêtes, Chabanais
Thursday- Yoga Pour the Less Mobile 14h30 – 16h l’Atélier d’Hélène, Chabanais (registration required)
Friday- Hatha Yoga 14h – 15h30 Capitol, Rochechouart.

FREE session for all new students (except Thursdays). For all information and registrations do not hesitate to contact me.