Interpersonal relationships

This week we make the transition from the relationship with oneself to interpersonal relationships; and it is often at this moment that we turn around and retreat towards ourselves! The question to ask yourself is “do I dare to accept the relationships in my life right now, or do I stay focused on myself?”.

To help you decide, I suggest a practice for cocooning yourself, to find yourself in a state of calm from the inside. We will work with the diaphragm and forward bends to stimulate this state of calm inside to give you the courage to move forward

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Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday – 11h – 12h30 at the salle des fêtes, Chabanais,

Tuesday – 19h – 20h30 at the salle des fêtes, Chabanais,

Wednesday – Yin Yoga – 11h – 12h30 at the salle des fêtes, Chabanais,

Friday – 14h – 15h30 Capitole, Rochechouart.

For any information do not hesitate to contact me