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Yoga to support you on your own evolutionary journey, to build strength & self-awareness, & to enable you to live life to the fullest.

Hi! My name is Lara Anstey

I have been practicing yoga since 1997. I qualified as a yoga teacher with the British School of Yoga (BSY) in 2010.

My philosophy

My philosophy is that everybody is unique and that everybody should have equal opportunities; which is why I love yoga so much because it is adaptable to meet every individual’s personal needs.

Whatever level you are, there is a practice that is right for you. Yoga is a beautiful gift to offer yourself, to allow yourself space to breathe,relax, & to open the body & mind to deeper levels of self-discovery. Life is a journey & yoga can serve as your guide. Take your first steps on the path today!

Come & discover a class & join our friendly & supportive community.

Namaste Lara